Working Out and Your Sex Drive

Men, it is time to stop hiding behind the shield of manliness with lies. We’re getting older, we have a wife, we have children, and we have long ass days at work. We’ve all been there, where we talk about all the women we have slept with and that we lasted hours in the bed with our wife. Come on now, let’s be honest with ourselves; the sex drive may not be as strong as it once was although it is highly doubtful you lasted hours in the first place so stop lying to yourself. Lack of sex drive is not necessarily cause to run to the doctor’s office to get a quick fix because that may not treat the underlying problem. Take the time to work on your libido naturally through proper exercise and eating. Figuratively speaking, you want your sack to hang low again? Then get to work.

“The degree of sexuality enhancement among exercisers [is] correlated with the degree of [your] individual improvement in fitness”. This is not to say to go out and exercise all day every day or to over-train. In fact, studies have recently revealed that men who frequently partake in strenuous workouts and spend way too many hours at the gym have a lower hormonal desire for sex. The key word there is ‘hormonal’ in that the studies did not delve into the psychological effects of working out. In moderation, exercise can provide boosts to the body’s ability to create testosterone which should increase your desire to have sex more often. However, grueling and lengthy training may reduce the levels of testosterone in one’s bloodstream. The ‘tipping point’ is different for everyone, but we as men, know when we’re pushing ourselves to the limit.

In general, the psychological effects of working out and feeling desirable outweigh the physiological. Better self-perception leads to less stress and a feeling that one is more sexually desirable to potential suitors. Having this feeling of attractiveness allows one to open up more and try things that they would not normally try due to negative body issues. Increasing one’s repertoire increases the likelihood of performing better in bed.

What should we be doing to work on our libido? This may come out of left field, but limit watching pornography as this can lead to porn-induced impotence. Control masturbation habits and focus on the beauty of your partner. From a physical fitness perspective, include broccoli, watermelon, eggs, and pomegranate juice into your life. Try working out 3 to 5 days a week for an hour. Rotate days between moderate cardio and sprints. Supplement your high reps and light weights by incorporating some of the heavier lifts like bench press and leg press. Ensure that your form is correct as you will not be useful in bed if you are injured.

Remember, studies have shown that men who put themselves through exercise one hour per day for 3 to 5 days a week tend to achieve a far more pleasurable sex life. This includes the frequency, hardness, and percentage of satisfying orgasms. So get your ass in the gym then give your wife some sexual healing.

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