6 Most Common Gym Fails

1. Sweating

Congratulations! You are working up a great sweat while you are working out. But I don’t want to get your DNA all over me. If sweat is flying off of you like a rotating sprinkler, wear more clothes to contain it. Or see a doctor, because I am not sure that is normal. And for everyone’s sake, wipe down the equipment you use! Your sweat is sticky and it does not smell like potpourri. I’d rather not have an awkward conversation with my wife why I smell like another man.

2. Grunting

Nothing bothers a workout more than someone letting out a primal scream while lifting weights close to you. Are you that attention deprived that you need to cry out whenever you curl a weight? We understand that you are having a strenuous workout, but letting out caveman grunts does not make it more impressive. Keep your volume low and your weights heavy and you will garner the respect of every person in there!

3. Conversations

All of us have friends we see in the gym every day. We make some small talk, say that the other person is looking bigger (even if they are not), and move on to our next exercise. Grunting may bother a workout, but someone trying to have a conversation with you in the gym will end a workout. Why do people feel the need to tell me about their life while I am bench pressing? Are you getting ready to run for office and need a vote? Just leave me alone and I will vote for you!

4. Phones

How many times have you waited for some exercise equipment because someone is messing around on their phone? I understand that you want to have the perfect song on while you rep out doing preacher curls, but I’m on a deadline to finish my workout before midnight. So could you please stop searching for Eye of the Tiger for just a minute and move on? Or even worse, I realize you want to post on your social media that you are going all out on squats, but gym seflies should be limited to ten seconds. Anything longer is considered a photo shoot!

5. Weights

It’s simple. RE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS! Unless you brought your mother to clean up after you, follow this simple rule!

6. Advice

We all notice people at the gym that could use a veteran fitness expert’s advice. If the person is going to injure themselves, then impart some wisdom to prevent it from happening. But for the most part, it is wise to keep all of your knowledge to yourself. I once had a much smaller guy try telling me his simpler way to get the dumbbells up for seated dumbbell presses. I still hate the guy. If you just can’t hold it in any longer, then offer the advice in a non-know-it-all way. Unless you are a personal trainer, and you know the person well, keep advice to a minimum.

For many people, the weight room is a sacred place. It’s a home away from home. You’re in there a few times a week to put the outside world out of your mind and focus on getting stronger. However, not all people behave properly in the gym. They were born without the common sense gene. 

Just like when you invite some people into your home, a few will put their feet up on the furniture or eat all of your food out of the fridge. Don’t be one of these people that have no manners. Who eats a whole bag of Oreos that is not theirs? Follow the proper weight room so you do not alienate the other gym-goers!

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