Battlbox: A Monthly Subscription Service Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

It started when Daniel Dabbs saw his wife’s monthly cosmetics subscription and wondered about doing something similar matching his interests, outdoor and tactical materials. With that in mind, he began the Battlebox subscription plan with his partner (and COO) Patrick Kelley.

The Battlbox concept is a simple one. Each month subscribers are sent a box (called a mission) of themed supplies. Themes have ranged from various survival missions, including nuclear, bush, urban, and even zombie, to ones for camping, such as shelter building, camp comfort, and cooking. Other missions have included blade care, fishing, and vehicle emergency.

The Battlebox bundles comes in four packages. The Basic, priced $24.99, contains four to seven items. The Advanced, priced $49.99 contains two to three higher-valued items. The Pro, at $99.00, contains an additional one to two pricier items, while the Pro Plus, $149.99, contains a knife of the month. For example,  on Mission 27, Outdoor Weather Protection, the Basic contained a poncho, lip protectant, shemagh (a weather scarf), face stick, and fabric mask. The Advanced included a bucket hat and traction cleats. The pro added waterproof socks and a jacket, while the Pro Plus upped the ante with a SOG folding knife.

Battlbox also does its part to help veterans. In February 2017, Battlbox advertised a goal to spend $2 million with veteran-owned businesses over the next four years. By September, seven months later, it will have already reached over $1 million of that goal. The July mission, called Operator Owned, included materials from veteran-owned companies like Black Rifle Coffee Company, Skallywag Tactical, and Doc Spartan.

This year, Battlbox implemented its JustOne Project, in which a portion of July’s mission would be given to one veteran in need, with the submitted veteran receiving the aid within the next few months.

To get started with your Battlbox and support our veterans, order Battlbox by clicking on the advertisement below.

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